Ronys Torres: Fighting for faith and family

2017-07-11 21:00


Ronys Torres: Fighting for faith and family





Ronys Torres - standout Amazonian from Nova Uniao - won his International Trials match in stunning fashion to be seeded in the ROAD FC $1 Million Tournament. On July 15, 2017 at Xiaomi ROAD FC 040, he will face Russia Trials winner Elnur Agaev in the opening round.


Torres has an impressive MMA record of 34-5 which includes a short run in the UFC in 2010 while dominating in Brazilian promotions. And, like many Brazilians, Torres started very early in jiu jitsu, however it wasn't for the typical reason of a young boy simply being interested in martial arts.


“I started training jiu-jitsu at the age of 13 because it was part of a social project for needy children. Now, I have seven titles, I'm a Mundials BJJ Champion and Brazil BJJ Champion, and in MMA I'm the champion in Shooto Brazil, Champions League, and Cage Fight.”


Torres has fought long and hard to be where he is. He wasn't handed anything, and it has been with much sacrifice and great faith that he's come this far. In order to train with the best camp, he has lived almost half of his life away from his family, and has missed a great deal of his own daughter's young life.


“I have already lived away from my family for 16 years. But after every fight, I always travel to see my wife and my daughter. I love being with my daughter.”






Torres has all the normal hobbies of any fighter, like playing video games and watching movies while he's in a camp. Where he derives his mental strength is from being active in his church, which Torres sees as more than being diligent. 


“My strong faith in God makes me a unique fighter, because I believe very much that God is with me and makes me more than a conqueror: my mission is to overcome and preach the word of God.”


Now, as one of the Amazon's most celebrated athletes, Torres is constantly doing charity work, appearing at football events including with Jose Aldo, and reaching out to his community. He is proud of what he is able to return to them. 


With the next phase of his MMA career on the horizon, Torres looks to add a the ROAD FC championship belt and a massive $1 million prize to the list of his accomplishments.


“I'm a very grateful guy and very happy to be participating in this great historical event. It's a special opportunity fight in a $1 million tournament, that's why I've been preparing so hard. There are a lot of quality athletes participating. Everyone knows that this will change the life of whoever becomes champion. For me to be the champion, I will have to beat everyone who gets in front of me.”






Torres has 10 knockouts and 17 submission finishes on his resume. One of those submissions happened in his International Trials match against Kazakhstan's Ermek Tlauov. It was an exciting match with Tlauov responding with good grappling defense, and Torres taking the fight to him in every way. With just 10 seconds left in the first round, Torres snapped on the choke and got the win.


“I expected a hard fight, a war, and it was. But I also expected a finish and I got it. I will always try to submit or get a knockout.”


For his upcoming opening round match with Elnur Agaev, Torres is adamant about the strength of his training, his team and his coach. 


“I'm training in the best team in the world, Nova Uniao, and we did a very strong camp. I've never trained so much in my life. My coach “Dede” Pederneiras has made everything perfect. I really admire him. He is a great coach and a great human being, teacher, and father. He is the guy I try to be when I look in the mirror.”


But Torres won't mince words about his opponent.


“Agaev is a good technical guy, really tough, but I feel much more prepared than him. I'm 100%, and I'll give my life to beat him. I don't want to say anything negative to him, but he has never fought with an opponent like me. He can expect a very aggressive athlete. I will try to finish him or score every chance I can. I know God will honor me in this fight.”






Though he's had an incredible career thus far, Torres continues to be humble and give thanks for his opportunities, especially for being involved in the highest prize money lightweight tournament in MMA history.


“To be a fighter is to fight even though your future is uncertain. But we are warriors, and we never give up, this is what it means to be a real fighter. So now, I want to thank Road FC for the opportunity to fight in this historic event. Road FC is such a wonderful promotion and I'm fulfilled to be fighting here. I have fought in many events, but I have never been treated so well. I love Korea, it's a beautiful place, and the fans are the best in the world. I promise to put on a great show for all of you.”


Torres has a gloried career, but he still suffers and sacrifices so much to stay in the game. For him, winning $1 million will give hime so much more than financial riches.


“If I win the Tournament, it will change my life, I will finally be able to return to live with my family: my daughter, my wife, my parents. I really want this. My family is everything, they are my base, it is for them that I fight, and for them that I will win. And I will win if God permits it.”


Aside from his own abilities and motivation, there is one man who will be in the way of it all, ROAD FC Lightweight Champion Kwon A-Sol.


“Kwon A-Sol, I'll do anything for this opportunity. I'm coming to take your belt.”


Ronys Torres faces Elnur Agaev in the opening round of the $1 Million Lightweight Tournament at Xiaomi ROAD FC 040 on July 15, 2017 in Seoul, South Korea.



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