Words from superstrikers Nandin-Erdene and Rafael Fiziev

2017-12-22 20:30



Oka and Rafa talk about their match and the 
ROAD FC $1 Million Lightweight Tournament




Nandin-Erdene “Oka” (7-3, Team Fighter) and “Rafa” Rafael Fiziev (4-0, Tiger Muay Thai) will face each other on Saturday December 23rd as the main event on the Young Guns 38 prelims at Xiaomi ROAD FC 045 XX. Both strikers participated in the $1 Million Lightweight Tournament, with Oka making it to the quarterfinals, and Rafa winning his International Trials match.

Oka and Rafa have quickly become fan favorites. Oka followed his wife to Korea for work, and after being a national kickboxing champ back at home, he decided to start training MMA. Rafa also traveled from home to be based in Phuket, Thailand to pursue his first love, Muay Thai, and begin his MMA career.


Oka was the dark horse of the Tournament. He entered the International Trials with a scant record of 5-2, although he'd earned the spot with a 3-fight win streak that included KOs over Ki Won-Bin and Parky. Oka KOed fellow fan fave Bruno Miranda in less than a minute, then demolished high ranking Brazilian Toninho Furia in the 16-man opening round. It was a complete upset. He drew former BAMMA and M-1 champ Mansour Barnaoui in the 8-man semifinals, and his fantastic fortune came to a halt. Barnoui showed intelligent strategy by getting inside and eventually choked Oka out of the Tournament.

Oka: “I was trying to strike from a distance because I knew he was so strong in grappling, but he got in too fast. It's too bad. If I had another chance to fight with Mansour again, I believe I can win 10 out of 10 times. I have been thinking about the match right up until today. I experienced depression. I thought I couldn't keep doing this.”




Rafa made himself a viral sensation in Muay Thai with a move straight out of Matrix when he folded over backwards to duck a high kick. At just 3-0 in MMA, the fighter from Kyrgyzstan came into ROAD FC as a hot but relatively unknown prospect. He didn't stay that way. Rafa cleaned house with Kim Seung-Yeon and won his International Trials bout for the right to be seeded in the opening round. However, he cracked a bone in his hand, so he wasn't able to participate.

Rafa: “I felt very good to get the KO win in such a good international event like Road FC, and I believe I have what it takes to win that tournament, but unfortunately this hand injury ruled me out. But still I felt more happy than disappointed after that fight.”

Now Oka and Rafa are going to step in the ROAD FC cage once again, and this time against each other. There's no doubt it's a dangerous fight for both of them. They are 'knock out artists' in the truest sense of the term. Oka claims 6 out of 7 wins by first round KO. Rafa claims the same with 3 out of 4. They're each keenly aware that their opponent brings the same threat into the cage as do they.



Oka on Rafa: “I watched his fight with Kim Seung-Yeon. He's good. His striking seems to be good for both punches and kicks. I'm a striker myself, but I'm confident of my grappling and jiujitsu. I want to show off my skills in this match.”

Rafa on Oka: “I think he is very skillful fighter, he's the strongest opponent I faced in MMA so far. He also seems like a nice and friendly guy. I'm looking forward to sharing the cage with him.”

This match was originally set for lightweight, however Oka had an injury that stifled his training and shortened his weight cut time. Rafa was gracious and agreed to a catchweight bout at 1.5 kgs over the lightweight limit.

Oka: “I had a problem during my fight preparation. My ankle continued to hurt from earlier. At first, I couldn't walk or exercise, but I trained as hard as I could. They said it was gout at the hospital, but at another hospital they said ligament injury. So I don't know exactly why it hurts. I'm thankful to Rafa for accepting the catchweight.”

There is still one question remaining to ask both Oka and Rafa, because it's likely to still be on their minds. Who is going to be the winner of the $1 Million Tournament?

Oka: “I think there is only Mansour. So it's a little bittersweet. I thought I could beat him 100%. Even though I got him in a blind draw, I still would have picked him again. So since I can't win, I think it will be him.”

Rafa: “I think Ronys Torres will win. So far, he's had the most impressive performances.”

Oka and Rafa will engage in a highly anticipated match that's bound to produce fireworks. They took a moment to say some words to the fans who look forward to their efforts.

Oka: “Now I want to show my fans a good fight without an ending like last time. And a word to my wife - I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. Next time I'll take the champion's belt.”

Rafa: “Thanks for all the support, I very much appreciate it. In Kyrgyzstan, we have very good martial artists with big hearts. I represent the Kyrgyzstan fight school, everything I know I learned there. I will try my best to not disappoint you.”

Nandin-Erdene and Rafael Fiziev will be the main event match on the Young Guns undercard of Xiaomi ROAD FC 045 XX. Please visit here for all broadcast and times.




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