ROAD FC 040 press conference photos

2017-07-15 02:00



ROAD Fighting Championship presents the comments and photos from the $1 Million Lightweight Tournament fighters from the press conference for Xiaomi ROAD FC 040 which was streamed live on YouTube on Friday, July 14, 2017.



Sasaki Shinji

“First, to Kwon A-Sol, congratulations on your marriage. I hope the newlyweds are doing well. There are many great fighters in this tournament. I don't have a lot of confidence, but I will do my best. If I do not win the tournament, and I can't fight with Kwon A-Sol, at least we have already fought although I lost. Kwon A-Sol had a lot of skill and it was fun to fight with him. I will have to get 4 wins in the tournament so I can go to the finals. I will only think about the match with Khuukhenkhuu rather than thinking about winning the tournament. I'll show you everything in the fight tomorrow.”


Khuukhenkhuu Amartuvshin

“I think this is a great opportunity, the greatest opportunity in my whole life.”



Tom Santos

“The last time I fought Nam Yui-Chul, I took the fight on three days' notice. I didn't have enough preparation then, but I won. This time I had a lot more time to get ready. This time I will win again by KO. I have the champion's power! I am going up to fight you, Kwon. I am full of confidence. I have prepared a lot. I think it is a very important opportunity and I will do my best.”


Nam Yui-Chul

“With grace and thanks, I came back to this tournament. I had a difficult process last time. My opponent suddenly changed, my weight cut was hard, and body was in bad shape. I prepared a lot this time and I did a lot of research. I am more eager to fight and I have the will to do or die. Thank you for inviting me to the tournament that represents the country. My goal is not to be a former champion, but to become a champion again.



Kwon A-Sol to Nam:

“CEO Jung, it's my name on the tournament, why is Nam Yui-Chul back in? His name is old news now. His time is over.”

CEO Jung Mun-Hong to Kwon:

“I'm embarrassed to suddenly be asked a question. As you all know, I thought that Nam Yui-Chul was not in the best condition in his last fight for a variety of reasons. That's it.”


Ronys Torres

“Participating in this $1 Million tournament is my only and precious opportunity. I am living away from my family, and I am waiting for a chance to buy a house and live a better life with my family.”


Elnur Agavev

“The tournament finals are far away, but I think that I will already a hard time with the great fighters who are gathered. I want to fight quickly.”


Shimoishi Kota

“I want to show our team to the world through this competition. My opponent Park Dae-Sung is not a champion, but I don't like to talk a lot about this, I just hope to fight good tomorrow.”


Park Dae-Sung

“There aren't many Koreans in this tournament. Isn't this a failure? I don't know why it is. Also I don't know why I'm sitting all the way on the outside, while this “Muthaldusa” (cartoon character) is sitting in the middle.” [Park Dae-Sung flips the tabel and tries to approach Kwon before the referees stop him.]

Kwon A-Sol to Park:

“Hey Dae-Sung ah. I'm supposed to be here. I am your senior.”

Park Dae-sung

“Now sitting on the outside but I'm going to be the final Korean representative. Please cheer for me. Only the true national representative should have it. I will work hard so that billions of won don't fall into the hands of other nations. [Park grabs the trophy and sits it in front of him.] It suits me to have this right in front of me. Park Dae-Sung will protect the billions of the Republic of Korea. It's best that the youngest person has this.”


Toninho Furia

“I had a great preparation. I came here to be a champion. I can beat that champion sitting in the middle.”



“I'm fighting in a big tournament and I feel good and well prepared. I will show you in the match. I hope everyone does well without being hurt.”


Kim Chang-Hyun

“Thanks to Mansour Barnaoui, I failed to make weight but he accepted the match. I am sorry to everyone. I'll show you a good fight tomorrow. I've had a lot of questions about Ham Seo-Hee during my camp, but I don't want to answer questions about her during the tournament.”


Mansour Barnaoui

“I'm really happy to be in Korea. I love this country. I'm happy to discover Korea through Road FC. I'm excited and ready to fight. I've prepared in Thailand, Canada at Tristar Gym, and in Paris at Team Magnum. I'm very focused and determined to win. My goal is to take the title belt from A-Sol Kwon. I want to be the next Road FC Lightweight Champion. Everyone is waiting for me to put on a show. I'm going to bring everything into the cage, so don't blink.”


Shamil Zavurov

“First of all, I like this tournament. We are well prepared and there are many good fighters. I will show off my training by making an exciting fight.”

Media: How was training during Ramadan?

“It was difficult during Ramadan, but now it's 20 days after the end. I am fully recovered. My condition is very good now.”

Media: Has training with Khabib Nurmagomedov helped you?

“We have been training together since we were children. Having a fighter like Khabib on my team helped me a lot and I am more confident of winning tomorrow.”

Kwon A-Sol:

“Khabib, Khabib. Who is Khabib? I'll ask the hotel staff. Do you know Khabib? Does he fight in another promotion? Is he an important fighter to me? There are over 1.4 billion ROAD FC fans here in Asia. Is Khabib important?”

Shamil Zavurov:

“I wonder who you are. Because everybody knows who Khabib is.”

Kwon A-Sol:

“In China, 1.4 billion people know who I am. If you are confident, come out and fight.”

Shamil Zavurov:

“It's not time for Khabib to prove anything now. But people around the world already know who he is.”

Kwon A-Sol:

“Who in the world is Khabib? Come out and show me. Why do people keep calling your name?”

Khabib Nurmagomedov:

“In an interview yesterday, I received a question about you. But I could not answer because I did not know who you are. In this tournament, everybody already knows great fighters such as Shamil Zavurov, Mansour Barnaoui, Leo Kuntz, but they do not know who you are, and you do not even know me.”

Kwon A-Sol:

“Who are you? I don't know.”

Khabib Nurmagomedov:

“I am the number one UFC fighter and I am preparing for the title fight at UFC. That's it.”

Kwon A-Sol:

“Yes, I get it. So come on over here.”

Elnur Agavev

“It is sad that fighter in the middle does not know Khabib.”


Leo Kuntz

“I'm sorry that I could not make weight. The tournament is a very enjoyable experience. I will show you a good fight because this is an important opportunity.”



“I have nothing to say. I'll do my talking in the cage.”


Red Romero

“I am looking forward to the match tomorrow. I'll show you a good fight.”

Media: I would like to ask about business side of the tournament. This is a big tournament, how does this help your plans for the future of Road FC?

CEO Jung Mun-Hong

“The most famous sport in Korea is baseball. No Korean sport is exported abroad. In Korea, I think that we should have a global brand among sports. I would really like to help grown our sport to that level where we say it can compete globally. I have to remember how I grew up, I do not want my children to starve, and I want my athletes grow their strength because I never want them to starve. ROAD FC is developing and I will continue to push forward.”



ROAD FC announces global expansion into CHINA with 360GAME ROAD FC 027 on 26December
  ROAD FC global expansion into China with 360GAME ROAD FC 027 in Shanghai on 26 December, 2015  9 October, 2015 - ROAD FC announces global expansion into China with 360GAME presents ROAD FC 027 in Shanghai on 26 December, 2015.   During the official weigh in event on 8 October for 360GAME ROAD FC 026, ROAD FC CEO Jung Moon-Hong made the announcement that ROAD FC will be expanding operations into China.  ROAD Fighting Championship is South Korea's premier MMA organization which has held twenty-eight events since it was founded in 2011. After setting a bench mark of one event almost every month in 2014, ROAD FC embarked on a global expansion plan and held its first ever international event in Tokyo, Japan in 2015. This year will also witness more dramatic growth as ROAD FC will host its first show in China, in the metropolis of Shanghai, on 26 December. ROAD FC is currently negotiating a venue with a capacity of 18,000. 360GAME ROAD FC 027 will be broadcast live in China and internationally across multiple platforms, which ROAD FC CEO Jung revealed included: “China's State-owned broadcaster CCTV, local terrestrial broadcasters, and the internet portal of Tencent, we are scheduled to broadcast.”  Tencent is Asia's largest internet company and competes with the largest internet companies in the world.  Tencent's internet portal is one of the largest in China. ROAD FC's live broadcast in China on QQ will begin immediately with 360GAME ROAD FC 026 on 9 October. Event: "360GAME" presents ROAD Fighting Championship 026 Date: Friday, 9 October, 2015Place: Jangchung Gymnasium, Seoul, South KoreaMain event live at 20:00KSTLive PPV stream on at stream on Tencent at  Global expansion next event: Event: "360GAME" presents ROAD Fighting Championship 027 Date: Saturday, 26 December, 2015Place: Shanghai, China