Megumi Fujii supports ROAD FC XX : インタビュー(日本語)

2017-03-07 21:00

 Women's MMA pioneer Megumi Fujii supports ROAD FC XX, South Korea's first all-female MMA league


ROAD Fighting Championship is proud to announce that women's MMA pioneer Megumi Fujii supports ROAD FC XX, South Korea's first all-female MMA league. ROAD FC XX takes place this coming Saturday, March 11, in Seoul, South Korea on Xiaomi ROAD FC 037.


“Mega Megu” Megumi Fujii (26-3 retired, AACC) is one of the greatest female MMA fighters on the planet. There was a strong community of women in Japan's early MMA scene, but Fujii distinguished herself both at home and abroad against Japanese and foreigners alike.


In her first 22 fights, Fujii went undefeated in Shooto, Smackgirl, BodogFight, Jewels, and Bellator. In those fights, she finished all but three by submission except for her first TKO finish in Bellator against Sarah Schneider. 


Fujii competed at the highest level of the sport from 2010 to 2013 and only suffered three losses – all by decision – to Ziola Gurgel and Jessica Aguilar. Aguilar was her final opponent in VTJ, and while it was a disappointing finish because of eyepokes that obviously hampered her ability, Fujii still retired as an incredible athlete who had never been finished in her entire career.


Aside from MMA, Fujii has claimed a brilliant success in other combat sports. She was Runner Up five times in the World Sambo Championships, BJJ Pan-Ams Champion in 2006, and twice bronze medallist in the ADCC Worlds.


Fujii is now in a new chapter of her life. She supports and corners her husband Sasaki Shinji in his MMA career with ROAD FC. Therefore, Fujii has been in a position to see the new female MMA talent growing in Korea as well as Japan. ROAD FC is proud to have Fujii's support for the first all-female league, ROAD FC XX.


Fujii shared her views on the development and future of women's MMA:


“MMA is not merely for strong men, it is a sport where women and children can challenge themselves.  The recent success women have had demonstrates that everyone can work hard to strengthen themselves. I think that this is wonderful.


“Our existence grew from a time when nothing about women's MMA was certain or confirmed. I think that the strong state of women's MMA has grown from that time of struggle. I think that it is getting close to equality with men, but the female fighters will change that much more! I think that they can do even more if they keep believing day after day and hone their skills. I am really happy to see the girls fighting while shining!”


Fujii congratulated ROAD FC on ROAD FC XX:


“Congratulations on the first ROAD FC XX. By holding this tournament, I think that the number of female fighters aiming to come here will increase and it will get very exciting. I think that it will be even more popular and I think that a star will be born.


“For women fighters, isn't it a wonderful hing to be the focus and stars of an entire event?  Women's MMA is getting popular all over the world now, but I think that women want to show even more excitement so that we can make it even greater.”


Finally, Fujii noted a fellow mixed martial artist who will soon return to ROAD FC:


“In Korea, there is a wonderful fighter named Ham Seo-Hee, so I want everyone to keep watching and supporting! I am looking forward to the future of female fighting sports! I appreciate ROAD FC XX.”


- なぜ女子MMAは重要なのですか?
MMAは 力の強い男性だけのものではなく、女性でも子供でも誰もが挑戦出来るスポーツです。
- 今の女子格闘技人気についての意見。
何も無かった 女子格闘技の創成期時代から闘っていた私達の存在が肯定されことになるち思います。その時代があったから今があるとも思います。女子の選手が輝きながら闘っている姿を見るのは本当に嬉しいです!- 男子と比べて、女子はまだ平等(待遇や条件など)ではないと思いますか??平等に近付いてきているとは思いますが、しかし女子選手達が そこをもっと変えてやる!と思い 更にスキルをあげ、日々信念を貫いていけば 男子と平等、もしくは越えていく事が出来ると思います。- 「ROAD FC XX」は女子アスリートの一助になるでしょうか??第一回の開催おめでとうございます。この大会が開催される事で、ここを目指す女子選手が増え 盛り上がっていくと思います。女子選手にとっても自分達が主役という意識の中、素晴らしい闘いが当日生まれるのではないでしょうか。今 女子の闘いは世界中で人気が出てきています韓国ではハムソヒ選手という素晴らしい選手がいますので 後に続いて欲しいです!女子格闘技の未来が楽しみです!この大会に感謝します。



Event: Xiaomi ROAD Fighting Championship 037

Date: Saturday, March 11, 2017

Place: Grand Hilton Convention Centre, Seoul, South Korea

Young Guns start: 18:00KST

Main Card start: 20:00KST

Korea: MBC

China: CCTV

Japan: Abema

International: YouTube


ROAD FC XX Main Card


#7 Women's Flyweight Match

Kang Jin-Hee vs Raika Emiko


#6 Women's -46.5kg Catchweight Match

Lee Ye-Ji vs Shinashi Satoko


#5 Women's Atomweight Match

Park Jeong-Eun vs Sharma Devaiah


#4 Women's Atomweight Match

Lim So-Hee vs Hana Date


#3 Women's Strawweight Match

Fujino Emi vs Natalya Denisova


#2 Women's Strawweight Match 

Shim Yu-Ri vs Harada Shiho


#1 Women's -50.5kg Catchweight Match

Hong Yun-Ha vs Wang Xiangjie


Young Guns 32 Preliminary Card


#8 Bantamweight Match

Nezu Yuta vs Jang Ik-Hwan


#7 Flyweight Match

Alatengheili vs Asakura Kai


#6 Middleweight Match

Jeon Young-Jun vs Kim Ju-Won


#5 Featherweight Match

Shin Seung-Min vs Yang Junkai


#4 Featherweight Match

Oh Du-Seok vs Asakura Mikuru


#3 Flyweight Bout

Wang Deyu vs Kim Tae-Gyun


#2 Flyweight Match

Yun Ho-Young vs Go Gi-Won


#1 Middleweight Match

Choi In-Yong vs Lim Dong-Hwan




ROAD FC announces global expansion into CHINA with 360GAME ROAD FC 027 on 26December
  ROAD FC global expansion into China with 360GAME ROAD FC 027 in Shanghai on 26 December, 2015  9 October, 2015 - ROAD FC announces global expansion into China with 360GAME presents ROAD FC 027 in Shanghai on 26 December, 2015.   During the official weigh in event on 8 October for 360GAME ROAD FC 026, ROAD FC CEO Jung Moon-Hong made the announcement that ROAD FC will be expanding operations into China.  ROAD Fighting Championship is South Korea's premier MMA organization which has held twenty-eight events since it was founded in 2011. After setting a bench mark of one event almost every month in 2014, ROAD FC embarked on a global expansion plan and held its first ever international event in Tokyo, Japan in 2015. This year will also witness more dramatic growth as ROAD FC will host its first show in China, in the metropolis of Shanghai, on 26 December. ROAD FC is currently negotiating a venue with a capacity of 18,000. 360GAME ROAD FC 027 will be broadcast live in China and internationally across multiple platforms, which ROAD FC CEO Jung revealed included: “China's State-owned broadcaster CCTV, local terrestrial broadcasters, and the internet portal of Tencent, we are scheduled to broadcast.”  Tencent is Asia's largest internet company and competes with the largest internet companies in the world.  Tencent's internet portal is one of the largest in China. ROAD FC's live broadcast in China on QQ will begin immediately with 360GAME ROAD FC 026 on 9 October. Event: "360GAME" presents ROAD Fighting Championship 026 Date: Friday, 9 October, 2015Place: Jangchung Gymnasium, Seoul, South KoreaMain event live at 20:00KSTLive PPV stream on at stream on Tencent at  Global expansion next event: Event: "360GAME" presents ROAD Fighting Championship 027 Date: Saturday, 26 December, 2015Place: Shanghai, China