Young Guns 37 prelim card open

2017-09-28 07:00





ROAD Fighting Championship announces all matches for Young Guns 37, the preliminary card for Xiaomi ROAD FC 043 in Seoul, Korea on October 28, 2017 in the Jangchung Arena.




Young Guns 37


Featherweight Match

Evgeniy Ryazanov (17-11, MFP) vs Min Kyeong-Chul (4-1, Team Poma)


As the main event of Young Guns 37, style versus style takes center stage. Evgeniy Ryazanov is a technical sniper and acrobatic kicker, while Min Kyeong-Chul prefers to get in the pocket and throw bombs.


Women's Atomweight Match

Hong Yun-Ha (0-4, Von Jiujitsu Songtan) vs Jeon Sul-Gi (0-2, Gumi MMA)


Female fighters have a hill to climb when starting their careers; Hong Yun-Ha and Jeon Sul-Gi are examples of this. Both women are hunting for their first professional win. Hong hails from a jiujitsu powerhouse team, while Jeon comes from stand-up league Max FC and was on the 2012 National Sanda team.


Flyweight Match

Kim Tae-Kyun (2-3, Team Finish) vs Jeong Won-Hee (2-1, Ssen Gym)


Kim Tae-Kyun versus Jeong Won-Hee pits two punchers against each other who both like to stand and bang. Neither fighter knows how to back up, and they both prefer to keep it standing, so fans will enjoy a fast-paced brawl.


Middleweight Match

Hwang In-Su (1-0) vs Zdenek Polivka (0-2, Junior MMA Nymburk)


Hwang In-Su versus Zdenek Polivka features two rookies in the sport against each other. 22-year old Hwang is fresh off his first fight and victory, while 19-year old Polivka is barreled through an amateur year and is seeking his first pro win. These aggressive youngsters will be exciting.


Flyweight Match

Go Gi-Won (0-2, Ssabi MMA) vs Ko Dong-Hyuk (0-2, Strong Wolf)


Gi-Won has had two pro fights and shown off very good ground positioning and striking. Dong-Hyuk spent two years in the ROAD FC amateur leagues, and he's developed a good skillset. Both have yet to get their first pro win, proving that starting pro MMA in Korea is tough, so look for amazing performances out of these two rookies.


Openweight Match

Choi Won-Jun (3-2, MMA Story) vs Yoon Jae-Woong (1-3, Ssen Gym)


Choi Won-Jun and Yoon Jae-Woong are willing to forget the weight cut and focus on turning around their records. Choi has a Taekwondo base and Yoon has a boxing record, which will make for a nice slugfest as these two attempt to rebound.


Featherweight Match

Min Kyung-Min (1-0, Team Fighter) vs Kim Tae-Sung (debut, Ssabi MMA)


Min Kyung-Min started MMA in 2014 with a kickboxing base and has been busy in the ROAD FC amateur leagues, and Kim Tae-Sung is 6-1 in the amateur Central League. This is recognized more as a pro debut for both youngsters, which will pit striker against grappler.



Xiaomi ROAD FC 043


In the main event, Choi Young versus Kim Hoon for the ROAD FC Interim Middleweight Championship is the culmination of Korean MMA pride from the very beginning to the current pinnacle of popularity and skill. This match is guaranteed to deliver thrills from both fighters - 12 years after they both first stepped foot in an MMA ring!

Also, former ROAD FC Bantamweight Champion Lee Kil-Woo returns after hiatus from the cage to face The Outsider Champion Asakura Mikuru at featherweight. And another former ROAD FC Champion, Nam Yui-Chul, will face fellow Korea MMA warhorse Jung Doo-Jae.


Plus, Kim Seung-Yeon and Alexander Merezhko are set for another $1 Million Tournament reserve match; Lee Jeong-Yeong will face returning veteran Marcio Cesar; and two of the hottest prospects from Korea and Russia will face each other, Kim Kyeong-Pyo versus Arman Tsarukyan.



Xiaomi ROAD Fighting Championship 043

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Jangchung Arena, Seoul, South Korea


6 Interim Middleweight Championship

Choi Young vs Kim Hoon


5 Featherweight Match

Lee Kil-Woo vs Asakura Mikuru


4 Lightweight Match

Nam Yui-Chul vs Jung Doo-Jae


3 $1 Million Lightweight Tournament Reserve Match

Kim Seung-Yeon vs Alexander Merezhko


2 Lightweight Match

Kim Kyeong-Pyo vs Arman Tsarukyan


1 Featherweight Match

Marcio Cesar vs Lee Jeong-Yeong


Young Guns 37


7 Flyweight Match

Evgeniy Ryazanov vs Min Kyeong-Chul


6 Women's Atomweight Match

Hong Yun-Ha vs Jeon Seul-Gi


5 Flyweight Match

Kim Tae-Kyun vs Jeong Won-Hee


4 Middleweight Match

Hwang In-Su vs Zdenek Polivka


3 Flyweight Match

Go Gi-Won vs Ko Dong-Hyuk


2 Openweight Match

Choi Won-Jun vs Yoon Jae-Woong


1 Featherweigh Match

Min Kyung-Min vs Kim Tae-Sung





ROAD FC announces global expansion into CHINA with 360GAME ROAD FC 027 on 26December
  ROAD FC global expansion into China with 360GAME ROAD FC 027 in Shanghai on 26 December, 2015  9 October, 2015 - ROAD FC announces global expansion into China with 360GAME presents ROAD FC 027 in Shanghai on 26 December, 2015.   During the official weigh in event on 8 October for 360GAME ROAD FC 026, ROAD FC CEO Jung Moon-Hong made the announcement that ROAD FC will be expanding operations into China.  ROAD Fighting Championship is South Korea's premier MMA organization which has held twenty-eight events since it was founded in 2011. After setting a bench mark of one event almost every month in 2014, ROAD FC embarked on a global expansion plan and held its first ever international event in Tokyo, Japan in 2015. This year will also witness more dramatic growth as ROAD FC will host its first show in China, in the metropolis of Shanghai, on 26 December. ROAD FC is currently negotiating a venue with a capacity of 18,000. 360GAME ROAD FC 027 will be broadcast live in China and internationally across multiple platforms, which ROAD FC CEO Jung revealed included: “China's State-owned broadcaster CCTV, local terrestrial broadcasters, and the internet portal of Tencent, we are scheduled to broadcast.”  Tencent is Asia's largest internet company and competes with the largest internet companies in the world.  Tencent's internet portal is one of the largest in China. ROAD FC's live broadcast in China on QQ will begin immediately with 360GAME ROAD FC 026 on 9 October. Event: "360GAME" presents ROAD Fighting Championship 026 Date: Friday, 9 October, 2015Place: Jangchung Gymnasium, Seoul, South KoreaMain event live at 20:00KSTLive PPV stream on at stream on Tencent at  Global expansion next event: Event: "360GAME" presents ROAD Fighting Championship 027 Date: Saturday, 26 December, 2015Place: Shanghai, China