Champion Choi Mu-Gyeom to carry Olympic Torch

2018-01-17 19:00







ROAD Fighting Championship is proud to announce that ROAD Featherweight Champion Choi Mu-Gyeom has been selected to be a torchbearer for the 2018 Winter Olympics tomorrow, November 18th.

Coinciding with the 100-days-to-go mark on November 1, 2017, and following the lighting of the Olympic flame in Olympia, Greece, the Olympic flame arrived in the city of Incheon, South Korea. The Olympic flame will pass through 17 cities and provinces across the Republic of Korea during the Olympic Torch Relay.   A total of 7,500 torchbearers will take part in the Olympic Torch Relay. 


Tomorrow, November 18th, at 2:00PM, ROAD Champion Choi Mu-Gyeom will be a torchbearer for approximately 200 meters during the Ilsan Culture Park Stop in the Goyang area. More details can be found on the official Olympic website (

Choi stated, “I am so humbled to be chosen as a torchbearer for the Olympics. The honor was awarded to me because of my athletic perseverance to overcome the odds and become the ROAD FC Champion.”

The identity of the final torchbearer, who will have the honour of lighting the Olympic cauldron, will only be revealed on 9 February, the day of the Opening Ceremony for PyeongChang 2018.

The PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Torch Relay will inspire a generation and bring people together from different cultures, races, and religions,” promised POCOG President Lee Hee-beom. “As the torchbearers carry the torch for 101 days, we are confident that the flame will truly ‘Let Everyone Shine’ and spark passion and excitement before the Games.”




ROAD FC announces global expansion into CHINA with 360GAME ROAD FC 027 on 26December
  ROAD FC global expansion into China with 360GAME ROAD FC 027 in Shanghai on 26 December, 2015  9 October, 2015 - ROAD FC announces global expansion into China with 360GAME presents ROAD FC 027 in Shanghai on 26 December, 2015.   During the official weigh in event on 8 October for 360GAME ROAD FC 026, ROAD FC CEO Jung Moon-Hong made the announcement that ROAD FC will be expanding operations into China.  ROAD Fighting Championship is South Korea's premier MMA organization which has held twenty-eight events since it was founded in 2011. After setting a bench mark of one event almost every month in 2014, ROAD FC embarked on a global expansion plan and held its first ever international event in Tokyo, Japan in 2015. This year will also witness more dramatic growth as ROAD FC will host its first show in China, in the metropolis of Shanghai, on 26 December. ROAD FC is currently negotiating a venue with a capacity of 18,000. 360GAME ROAD FC 027 will be broadcast live in China and internationally across multiple platforms, which ROAD FC CEO Jung revealed included: “China's State-owned broadcaster CCTV, local terrestrial broadcasters, and the internet portal of Tencent, we are scheduled to broadcast.”  Tencent is Asia's largest internet company and competes with the largest internet companies in the world.  Tencent's internet portal is one of the largest in China. ROAD FC's live broadcast in China on QQ will begin immediately with 360GAME ROAD FC 026 on 9 October. Event: "360GAME" presents ROAD Fighting Championship 026 Date: Friday, 9 October, 2015Place: Jangchung Gymnasium, Seoul, South KoreaMain event live at 20:00KSTLive PPV stream on at stream on Tencent at  Global expansion next event: Event: "360GAME" presents ROAD Fighting Championship 027 Date: Saturday, 26 December, 2015Place: Shanghai, China